The photograph

a frosty morning on the farm 5:00 am I decided to take some photos for the house so I hoped in the car and headed to the to of the hill to take some pictures I found this old crooked tree that was burnt out as the sun come up the perfect shot was there it looked like the tree was leaning on the sun it was the perfect shot  I got it printed on paper and put in a frame and every day I wake up and there it is my favorite picture  I will never forget that faithful moment.

6 thoughts on “The photograph

  1. hi Pattrick you did a good job but a wish is maybe read over your story and add some punctuation in the second sentence it didn’t make sense you did a great job though

    from eliza

  2. Hi Patty,
    Great story I loved the ending of your story very good vocab.
    But otherwise very good!


  3. Well done, Pattrick, I enjoyed reading your story, which reminded me of my time on the farm. Well done for using some DADWAVERS sentences to make your writing interesting.

    My wish is for you to break up your text into sentences, as the whole piece consists of one very long sentence, which really is not correct, as I am sure you would agree.

    Keep up your efforts!

  4. Hi Patrick,
    Well done on your entry this week. I enjoyed reading your story. I would suggest that you’d read over your piece and put in some punctuation to help your reader understand your story.
    Keep up the great effort.
    Ms Brennock
    Team 100 w/c
    Dublin, Ireland

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