that is happening i yell!. siting in my chair watching the sun set, holy shiver me timbers is that a flying Racoon 

“hey Mr Box did you see that flying Racoon?.

“yeah he hit me in the face  i was knocked out cold!.

its a tornado one leaf hit the window so hard it shattered the hole window, the next day the whole town was demolished, it was very scary to hide under the table the tornado was called Molly. now she no longer scary and its just the clean up and that will take approximately 6 months and nine days

2 thoughts on “tornado

  1. Hi Pattrick,

    I LOVED your piece this week. I thought you integrated all of the prompt words very creatively and you created a believable situation. Your description of the violence of the tornado was spot on. Your effort to set out the dialogue correctly was commendable.

    I am really looking forward to your next piece, well done.


  2. Hi Pattrick,
    I loved your opening lines, you brought us straight into what was happening in your 100WC. You had a lovely mixture of dialogue and narrative. I loved the verbs you used “demolished”, “shattered”etc. these added colour and action to your story, which helped the reader understand the powerful nature of a tornado.
    Great job.

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