running from the donkeys

donkey run. hungry day seven at sea one more slice of cheesecake, “donkey get me some cheese cake”

“no its my cheese cake Shrek”

bro you can get skinny by not eating. i don’t care i am hungry, ill come and got you, that’s when i knew i should run. now the cheese cake is my hahaha. bro he ate that in to seconds. i was so indulgent to him so he didn’t  mistake me for some food, that night i hid under the bed that night we need to get off this bout soon our i’m dead to Shrek.

One thought on “running from the donkeys

  1. Poor donkey, sounds like Shrek was being a bit demanding there! Be careful with the meaning of ‘indulgent’. You could say instead, “I was so indulgent to him that I forgave him anyway.” It would make more sense.

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